Knockoff Anime — Did You Know Anime? Feat. RedBardIsCool (Bootleg Stuff)

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Narrated by RedBardIsCool ( of Bootleg Stuff (,
Did You Know Anime talks about the Korean Dragon Ball Super Kid, Train Hero, Astro Plan, and Johnny Destiny: Space Ninja!

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37 Replies to “Knockoff Anime — Did You Know Anime? Feat. RedBardIsCool (Bootleg Stuff)”

  1. Somebody should talk about the film “Savior of the Earth” (1983), A.K.A. “Korean Tron”. Sure it was a knockoff of the Disney movie “Tron” and not Japanese anime. But it was still a knockoff anime.

  2. I feel like anime was inspired by Disney animation versus outright copying them unless there are characters or titles I'm not aware of that did do just that. Astro Boy may look similar to early Disney animation but he was an original character that Disney did not have.

  3. when it comes to Korea and China you gotta love em (and or wanna hit in the face with a sharp rake) for their childish logic for why its okay to just straight up plagiarize and why the creators should have no rights to say anything about it, this is part of why the rest of the world see's you as 3rd world trash.

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