I found a REAL yandere girl online … ( REAL LIFE YANDERE STORIES )

Today we talk about Yandere girls that EXIST in real life atleast according to the people that have told the stories. Do you think they actually exist?
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27 Replies to “I found a REAL yandere girl online … ( REAL LIFE YANDERE STORIES )”

  1. I met a yandere boy, it wasn't too serious. We were like eight, I think. It started with him asking questions like,"If you and I were the last two people in the world, would you kiss me?"you know, simple things like that. Then he asked weird things like,"If you and I were stuck in a zombie apocalypse, would you have human children with me?" At that point, I was kinda worried. Eventually the kid started threatening me, essentially causing me to avoid him. Later that year, I noticed some of my belongings, like earrings or bracelets, nothing special, going missing. I forgot to mention, we lived in the same neighborhood. Anyways, at one point, the kid's family invited the people living in our neighborhood to a barbecue. Being the wimp that I am, I got cold sitting outside, so naturally, the family invited me inside. There were a few people there already, so it wasn't too scary. I got bored and wandered off to the living room. When I got in there, my blood ran cold, inside of the family's living room, all of the things I lost were placed on top of the fireplace alongside of pictures of family members and such. In a panic, I rushed out of the house and called my parents. I don't remember much of what else happened with the exception of my mom screaming at the boy's parents and calling the police.
    And that's my yandere story, it wasn't too extreme, but it was still scary af for 8 yr old me.

  2. I never encountered one Yandere girl but my mom is one of them… Casually my mom will always think of my dad cheating when ever he leaves home to go buy food or furniture, she will use force sometimes when my dad don't admit (which he really is not cheating, my dad is a successful person that has a good job and good reputation he really loved us), even sometimes my mom will grab a knife or any object that can harm us and threatened us to either spy on dad or tell what happens when he goes around city with us, sometimes I don't even feel like my mom cared for us and just want to be with my dad forever, when my mom and dad gets in a argument, my dad just gives up and agrees with everything and my mom will punch,kick and, even threat my dad… It's still like this ever since they came in for a relationship my dad said.

  3. I have met a yandere girl
    She is my crushes ex
    I don't want her to see but he name is Isabella her and my friend Thomas were best friends until she started to threaten me I thought it was normal for her cause she quite strange. Anyway the next day she wouldn't stop surrounding Thomas I thought by it was strange even for her.
    The next day she glared at me alot then she started to behave strangely around all of Thomas's friends who were girls. She started acting agressive around us until we tried to stop her then Thomas found out about her doing this and we all confronted her then she broke down and said she wanted to die then it was all over.
    She got a new crush but she is less obsessed
    Oh and this is true before you go all gangster on me

  4. Yandere:come here…..
    Me:what do you want?
    Yandere:can you go to the super market and buy me a knife
    Me:you hungry alright
    Yandere:no. No no no no no no
    Me:here i made you something you might like
    Yandere:whats this?
    Me:there cookies filled with…………BLOOD!!!!!!!
    Yandere:my fav (eats cookies)bye
    Me:finally she's gone
    The yandere tried to kill me but she walks away
    This is not real it's just an imaginary story

  5. I met a girl, we'll call her "Carmen" because I don't know if she has YouTube. She didn't have a crush on me but she obsessed over me and my friend Alexis. She would follow us around all day in fourth and fifth grade and tried to bribe us to be her best friends. The scariest thing she ever did was chase us into the bathroom and say that she was going to pluck out our hairs and put them into her dolls made of us. She tried to get my phone number from Alexis but she didn't give it to her. I haven't seen her since. I am in seventh grade now and have moved since all of this has happened.

  6. I have met a yandere girl, So I had a crush on this boy and one day I asked him out he accepted my feelings a girl came over to me after school one day and said "He is mine" and pulled out a pencil and stabbed my arm with it my arm still has a scar from the LED I screamed and he actually heard me ran to all the way through the hall and opened the door and she got expelled and she said to me when he came "Your Lucky"

  7. I might be a tsudere because when this boy comes over to say hi I'm always like shut up! And when he's in my class and we're science partners he's like how's ur project and I'm like better than Urs! And I'm still doing that even though I have a crush on him plz tell me if I am dummy's!

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