I went to an anime club once… it was horrible.
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43 Replies to “I F#%KING HATE ANIME CLUBS.”

  1. I am the president of the anime club at my school, We don't just sit around and watch anime. Sometimes we hold competitions. For example every year we have a Husbando and Waifu contest, where we all dress up and vote to see who the best husband and waifu are. We also use that contest to decide who the club's president will be the next year.

  2. I'm a guy. I generally dislike anime clubs for many reasons and it is usually related to toxic people or toxic environments. If you ever talk to someone they always have a sad backstory but then because of that they act like assholes and use their past or literally anything else as an excuse for their shitty behavior. Sad thing is it is 90% of the time its the guys, and people wonder why the stereotype of the angry nerd exists.
    1. A lot of the guys that go there act like elitists or look down at new otaku or casuals. They often socially shun them or try to put them down for not knowing as much.
    2. You can't call someone out for bad hygiene because it is "body shaming" them. They literally smell because they are too lazy to shower properly or wash their clothes. Not to mention the junk food they constantly eat and leaves crumbs on the floor for days or weeks on end.
    3. If the club has a girl in it all they guys are constantly at a passive aggressive battle over who can hit on her. I have seen 5 guys surround a girl while she was working, all acting like friends; in reality they hate each other. Its always comes down to I have dibs on asking her out and "nice guy" attitudes.
    4. Some guys never know boundaries and persistently bother a girl or even try to touch them. And they act hypocritical when someone else does it. I have held doors open once for a girl and next thing you know a guy reported me for being overly flirty to officers. But if the guy does it it is him being friendly and a gentleman.
    5. Many guys put each other down and claim that they are better than the others. Not to mention their shitty attitudes towards women. I have been several conversations, in many different clubs, where the guys would brag at how far they have gotten with a girls. Alot of their stories were just straight up shitty and maniplulative, even breaking the law. One guy said he traded concert tickets for a blowjob and money and made fun of a virgin kid for having no experience. Another guy said he had a girl have sex with him in exchange for doing homework. One of the worst was a guy talked about how he touched a girl when she was drunk and thought he was her boyfriend. All these guys were proud of the shitty things they have done and the other guys in the club would praise them.

    Whats really ironic is these same guys would then preach how they are protecting the girls in the club from fuckbois and assholes.

    If you can throw out the trash most anime clubs would be fine. That and you often need to encourage people to talk and maybe do things outside of anime. You can be an otaku and have other hobbies outside of anime.

  3. I actually had an Anime Club at my school. Yeah, people talked a bit but it wasn't bad for that reason. It was because I wasn't really "welcome" there because I didn't agree with everything they said. It was toxic and I really shouldn't have been there.

  4. I hate it when I see "otakus" with no common sense, they don't give a shit about what happens, I remember some white skinny virgin with acne covered face and glasses was blasting anime openings in his mom's car, I fucking felt bad for his mom.

  5. My school had a Japanese club instead of an anime club. All we ever did was watch anime shows and movies. Maybe go karaoke, but that was it. No cultural topics, no studying the language. It was a let down.

    Tried to help my friends set up a good one in college, with discussions on culture and other such things. But not many were interested in that if we didn't bring up anime every discussion.

  6. what joey didn't know is half the people in the club left after the movies they were playing were announced and went to watch them at there houses xD

  7. I refuse to join an anime club because I live in a conservative area. Also everyone at my school thinks that seven deadly sins is the peak of anime (no I'm not kidding.) I'm not saying I have the best taste, but we have differant tastes in anime so I dont think that I'd join one. Also the teachers would monitor what we were watching so we could only watch pokemon and stuff

  8. I was in an anime club in high school but it was through my local library not school. Which was for the best really because the library had projectors and the high school had clunky TVs you had to wheel into the room. My experience was positive but that was also 10+ years ago so I could be forgetting things. We got some free promotional things from some companies. The one remaining thing that I just went looking for it Viz's "Flame of Recca". We got a DVD of the first episode. But! I work on a university campus and in my building an anime club just sprung up. It's in the basement and it's called "Animated Perspectives" But any time I pass the door they are just watching anime so…

  9. I had A Comic Book Club in My School that I joined and it was the best everyone expect my Friend Loved Anime and we were without a doubt the Craziest and Best Club Out of every club in the Entire School!

  10. I'm in an anime club and everyone in it are really cool and respectful! Including the moderator, there's like 11 of us and we're one of the more unknown clubs (granted my high school has like 250-300 people) but we're all just normal people who happen to like anime and manga as well as Japan and its culture.

  11. I went to anime/manga club at my local library and it was actually kinda fun. We watched Kiki's Delivery Service and luckily no one was really loud or talking in general. I've wanted to go back since then but I keep forgetting when it is ._.

  12. Yo man true stuff anime clubs are so weird and tbh I neither enjoy watching an anime with more than 4 to 5 people. I mean with close dudes it's fine just to watch it idk in the cinema and you can afterwards talk about it, but with a bunch of strangers? meh no thanks especially if their playing with their 3ds and you wanna just start a conversation but after 2 min you know that you're taking to a brick wall. Anyways u r the best man keep it up

  13. My schools anime club is actually pretty cool every week we chose something to watch and sometimes we have snacks and we just chill and watch anime we've had a weeb walk in before and everyone in the room would just stare at the weeb cause he kept trying to talk Japanese and shit and it was weird

  14. I joined an anime club but we didn’t even watch anime…we just went over the “anime of the week” then watched “how to learn Japanese” videos that no one paid attention to. Every time I went to a meeting, I would just cringe the whole time because like you said, everyone was being a frikkin loud, weaboo.The only reason I stayed was because my friend didn’t have a ride home….

  15. I’m going to a new school this year and I’m planning on joining the gaming club, bookclub, and anime club. I’m not sure how many clubs we’re allowed to join, but I want to try the anime club out. I’m going to be doing some intense courses for high school, so I want to be in a good club with good people I can hang out with. Pray for me.

  16. I am an anime club leader, and they are all (mostly) cool people to be around, and we all make sure tospeak to eachother and NOT be complete weebs

  17. Instead of an anime club we have japan culture exchange club called 文化交流会. The club consist of students who are learning n5-n4 japanese to pass JLPT. So it was a very fun place because we are all interested in learning nihongo and japanese culture. We have meetings where we study hiragana/katakana/kanji and sometimes we have anime viewing. Also doing things like tea ceremony and calligraphy. I found almost all of my precious friends in this place. However when cosplay became mainstream in our country there were a lot more people who wanted to join the club. It was really fun at first because there were a lot more of us. As time goes on however the club became such a toxic place. There were dramas and all other stuff that the core reason the club existed was gone. I even talked to some of them and found out that the reason that they joined the club is because they were looking for a love life. Like the club was a setting in an otome game/visual novel. I cut ties with the club during my last year in college. However the friends I made during the n5-n4 classes, we are still friends. We sometimes have sleep overs where we watch anime, talk about anime/manga and play video games. I don't know if the club still exists today, but it was still a good experience for me.

    (That was a long comment 😂)

  18. In my last year at highschool, I formed an anime club with my little sister and some of our friends who liked anime, and it was fun. We watched anime or abridged series on the whiteboard and I'd teach the younger members how to draw manga while I was there. We planned a cosplay day that never happened, but after I'd left, they went to a con.

  19. I was in anime club in high school and in college. They were both similar experiences with watching the first or a few episodes of a show each meeting. I believe That its only natural for people who love the same thing to be excited or nervous when going into an environment like that. I think I was too much of a weeboo when I first went to anime club. I was the one constantly talking and asking questions. Needless to say I learned my lesson in college and for the most part people were really chill with me and my adhd. Ive never been to an anime convention before because I can't afford it but I feel like it would be a similar experienence to what I saw in the anime club. Ive been to the cons that my anime club would put on and for the most part it was mostly buying fanmade merch, listening to anime songs or dubset, and a room where you would watch anime. I feel like it cant get any more exciting when it comes to anime but if you take time to understand and enjoy what it has to offer, it can be a nice experience.

  20. There's one at my school and all of the kids I met in it weren't too bad on their own, albeit a little strange. I asked a member what they watch in there and they watched some dubs of popular shows usually but I was surprised to hear they watched Kimi no wa as well as Koe no Katachi subbed.

  21. I never went to an anime club, although I wish I did (but there's no fucking way that my school would introduce that!). My regular friends don't like me talking about anime, but I do have a bunch of anime friends that I hang out with from time to time.

  22. I was the vice president of an anime club, and I actually really liked it! We watched anime, had a manga book circle type of thing, and talked about cosplay! We would all vote on an anime to watch together, and when we didn't watch anime, the president and I would prepare a lesson on cosplay tips. Things like where to buy good wigs and contact lenses, or how to sew an outfit. The little community we had was always very positive and fun. We accepted all sorts of people.
    Sometimes it's hard for people to start a conversation, so when we started the club, we had people go around and say their name, and tell us what their favorite anime was. By doing that, it made it easier for people to start talking to each other. We got people involved, and didn't leave anyone out. It was really great.

  23. Had exactly the same experience in the Anime club in Perth Australia except there was only about 6 people in an auditorium of 50 seats and NONE of them were social. It was my first and last time in the club. We just watched a few episodes of anime, no talking was allowed while the show was on and then they all just went home after voting on what episodes to watch next week. It was just like binging gogoanime at home but i was near strangers, i was cold, no snack and i couldn't pause it whenever i wanted. Terrible experience, never been back and the curse of having no friends into anime follows me everywhere ahaha

  24. the anime club at my school has a brony in it who says hes from the future, a robot, werewolf, and wait for this one ghost whisperer with the power of jesus to one punch man the shit out of my while pulling out dragon ball z bullshit on me in the most literal sense (his name skylar) and a bunch of other people like him in it

  25. The schools I went to, we never had any interesting clubs. And even if you wanted to join one, you only had one opportunity near the very start of the school year. I always wanted a Gaming Club or an Anime Club or even a Drawing Club (not that I could draw, but I thought maybe I could learn). We only ever had things like the Carpentry Club and the revolutionary History Club.

  26. In high school I hated the anime club (because high school kids are cringy af when it comes to talking about anime — I blame the hormones). In college I was indifferent to the anime club (it wasn't awful but a lot of people were awkward and there weren't a lot of girls). But as an adult, I love the anime club I've joined. Yes, there are still cringy and immature people in the group, but over half of the group are nice people that have decent social skills. There's also a decent number of females (about 35-40%) which is comforting as a female because I don't want to listen to men talk about their hentai fantasies and what not (with more girls in the group I find the guys have more of a filter when it comes to these things).

    I was hesitant to join at first but I had moves 1000 miles from home and all my college friends. I was lonely and had no one to talk to about my love for anime and cosplay. I had friends at work but none of them were into anime. So, on a whim I decided to go to the anime meetup.

    My anime group meets every two weeks and we watch anime together as well as do other events unrelated to anime. I will say that people talk a lot while we watch the shows but people usually go into the kitchen if they want to have a full blown discussion. My favorite part is that we will watch a couple episodes then decide by vote if we want to continue the anime. It has really opened my eyes to new anime that I would have never watched on my own, while not forcing me to watch anime that I don't like at all.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, not all anime clubs are bad. As an adult I think anime clubs are a lot better. We're adults. We have better social skills (or at least better social awareness) and we are more mature in general. If you're an adult that wants to make otaku friends, just try an going to anime meetup.

  27. I went to a anime club during my sophomore year and i really hated it because the teacher who'd run the club will ask the club which anime should we watch and we will say some animes and take a vote on.i said "your lie in april" because i finished that anime and i wanted to rewatch however the people in the club which consisted of mainly freshmans and like 3 sophomores and all the freshmans said "what's that?" I was like what and only 3 people voted on my anime which was the sophomores and we ended up watching Ajin Demi Human needless to say no one was paying attention and were talking about k pop i was fine with k pop but i felt guilty that no one was watching the anime so i watched it even thought i finished watching ajin i really wanted to rewatch your lie in april i never went to the club after that….😒

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