Hunter X Hunter Reveals New Anime PV (Greed Island 2)

Hunter X Hunter is coming out of hiatus starting September 22 and with freshly released trailers for the upcoming HXH Greed Adventure mobile game coming out late 2018, HXH is ramping up one of its most exciting comebacks in the last few years. Greed Adventure is about Greed Island 2, the sequel to the events of original greed island arc from the hunter x hunter anime and we already got some new anime footage for the promotional trailer of the upcoming game. Whether or not that will turn into a full fledged anime series, that is still in question but with how every mobile games is churning out their own anime series these days, it’s looking pretty good for Hunter X Hunter.

Full Trailer :

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49 Replies to “Hunter X Hunter Reveals New Anime PV (Greed Island 2)”

  1. Boruto and now hxh.
    Am i witnessing the end of an era? They shouldn't have extend the story of naruto instead make a new world out of it, it ruined the story to be honest it has the most satisfying ending ever.
    I understand that hxh needs another author to continue, i just hope that author will apply hxh philosophy of when ging explains what it is to be a hunter, as far as our eye sees beyond the horizon there's another world that yet to uncover. Well I'm glad i watched the original HxH, and Godbless to the author or HxH i didnt realized he is dying.

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