Guess The Anime #12 — You really don’t want to guess these ones

Wanna watch some cool Anime? Try ► Crunchyroll:

Here is the remaining of yesterday’s episode for those who just weren’t satisfied with the amount of guess there was. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite sure about some of them, so i’ll be relying on you fine folks to patch my missing work. I’m counting on you.
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For those still wondering about my accent : i’m French Canadian 🙂 my English is not perfect but it has to do. ^^

The thumbnail is from Dakara boku wa, h ga dekinai or in English «So I can’t play H». It’s an ecchi anime kind of a Rom-Com, i’m sure you’d like it!

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24 Replies to “Guess The Anime #12 — You really don’t want to guess these ones”

  1. If I ever know as much about anime as you do I think I'll apply to the psychology ward somewhere. Holy crap

    As far as sweet awkward slice of life romance stories go without getting soppy about it, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou is one of my favorites so far, can recommend if you like the genre

  2. Dude I didn't even see the full picture of the Tokyo Ghoul gif and knew right away what it was cuz all I saw was the top of Touka's kagune XD

    Also I'm pretty sure that's the scene where she runs away after Kimi calls her pretty cuz like oh Touka i cri

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