GR Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul

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33 Replies to “GR Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul”

  1. Im so sad rn.. all of the good animes i watch im waiting for another season.. im waiting to hear if diabolik lovers is making a 3rd season. For Seraph Of The End to make a 3rd season.. and noragami to make a 3rd season. AGGGHHH

  2. The manga for Tokyo Ghoul was way better but man, that ending, wasn’t really an ending even in the manga it just kinda came out of nowhere and didn’t resolve anything.
    Parasytes better for the simple reason that it has an easily defined beginning, middle, and end

  3. I've only seen season 1, and i've liked every episode so far, except the last one. it sucked. I don't care about Riza. There's a whole setup about the CCG vs Ghouls vs the bar and rescuing kaneki. But this all goes to sh!t in the last episode because they want more edge and stupid philosophy. I hate TG because of the last episode, and because of the negative reviews of season 2, i'm not gonna bother with it.

  4. I agree with a lot thats been said. It was ok, maybe. The extreme sadist bits didn’t do it for me, having seen parasyte maxim i kind of feel ive already seen this show already too. End of season 1 SUCKED.

  5. Tokyo Ghoul sucks! It has no story whatsoever. I couldn't figure out the characters until the bloody end and tries to "humanize" ghouls to make the show edgy. Even the fighting sequences suck. Its like an anime version of "All Muslims are not terrorists". Fucking time waste!

  6. I just watched this in preparation for the live action movie, I think it’s good, and you wanna keep watching the next episode, which is not the case on every show. But it does seem like 12 episodes is a tiny portion of the whole story and even with I think 3 seasons announced, I dunno if this show will ever reach a finale on tv.

  7. I saw this anime on hulu. In the english and and it was very bloody and gory like slash movie. But its not as disturbing as Parasyte. I would scared out of mind living in Tokyo Ghoul because this people eat a shit ton of people, killing humans for fun. Almost god-like compared to a normal human.

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