GR Anime Review: Kino’s Journey (2017)

A Glass Reflection Review of Kino’s Journey (2017)
Originally Released: March 15th 2018

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41 Replies to “GR Anime Review: Kino’s Journey (2017)”

  1. As someone who loves the 2003 series to death, I am offended by the idea that Kino and her personal growth aren't integral enough to be included in this new series. What the HELL?!

  2. I both liked and disliked the adaptation. As always, the stories for each episode are very interesting and as always the twists are good at making you see the series in a new way during a rewatch. However like you said, the Colosseum episode was great in the original and the remake made it so rushed that I couldn't get invested in the characters. This caused issues down the road when a number of episodes focused on the Prince and I still did not care about him. The only other issues I had were tied to that, as for awhile there was a surprising lack of Kino in Kino's Journey.

  3. I loved the 2017, I had caught a couple episodes of the original series with some friends and loved the concept, but never got around to watching the whole series, so I was really excited going in.

  4. Your love of artificial stories made by the Adaptation is shown quite clearly here. While Kino's Journey I can understand the merit of how jarring a "Top Best Stories Compilation" isn't as well done as the original take, I'm pretty sure there's more quality here than your bias allows you to show. Just like with Brotherhood, the original adaptation was littered with storytelling quirks and inconsistencies that kept defying the lore to the point of it looking alien. Sometimes its better to go 100% faithful than to add your own twist to it.

  5. The new art direction really prevents me from watching it tbh. The art style of the original was what got me interested in the first place, now with the "up-to-date", clean and polished looks they turned everyone into glimmering waifus. What does it add other than eye-candy? I think the raw and unique style of the original adds much more and fits the world and story.

  6. I never watched the old Kino, so this was my first contact with it. I wouldn't say I had trouble with the second episode, it was surprising, but not so that it would make the rest of the series feel wrong.
    However, I did feel very disappointed about the fact that most of Kino's Journey was not about Kino at all. It all just left me with wanting to know more.

  7. As someone who never knew Kino's journey existed before this new adaption i found it a great launching point into the series. I felt like it gave me a taste of the world and the storytelling style and left me (purposefully) wanting to explore more. I fully intend to find ways to read the light novel and possibly got back and watch the 2003 version which, in all honesty, i would have skipped over because of the premise before the 2017 showed me what it had to offer. also congrats on the move and 500000 subs!!!

  8. May I suggest that you watch the trailer of glassworker. It's going to be the first animated movie done by an independent studio in pakistan.
    It's got great animation(although a bit rough around the movements, but that's what you would expect from a first time studio from a country completely new in hand drawn animations) and from what I've gathered it's inspired by studio ghibli. It's ganna be released in 2020 I believe.
    Sooooo please check it out, and maybe tell us your opinion about it.

  9. As someone who watched only watched kino 2017 while it was airing. I thought it was pretty good and was a highlight of the season for me. However I did felt the non-focus on kino and my personal enjoyment of each episode change drastically. Nevertheless, If you think you would enjoy a world of various different societies, I would recommend trying it.

  10. While I haven't watched the original series (yet), but for me this new Kino is good enough on its own and I actually liked it. That said, I cannot wait for this season to end so I can finally do some backlogs and pick up from my PTW, one of which is the 2003 Kino series.

  11. Seriously? A bunch of people voted the sheep story as one of the best? I haven't read the light novels or seen the 2003 version (yet), but I thought that episode was a really weak way to end it, especially if there' no chance of additional seasons.

  12. I've been a long time fan of Kino too (and I've read probably like 3 volumes of the light novels, although I wish there was more than just fan translations…) and Kino is probably my favorite series, so I was both super hopeful and skeptical of this one. The first episode was sooo good, but their adaptation of Colosseum felt rushed to me as well. Every episode following that felt weird as well, mostly because there are little things you pick up reading the novels in order that you wouldn't understand the significance of when watching 2017 Kino. I agree that it isn't bad, but the focus on other characters besides Kino felt super awkward and took away from the story in my opinion. I wasn't aware they had done a poll on the best stories, but that honestly surprises me since there were stories from the first few novels that I thought were way better than the ones they chose to adapt.

  13. Who cares about whether an adaptation is "faithful"? I mean seriously, what does that even mean, that we just copy everything the exact way it was in the manga? That makes no sense, manga and anime are two completely different media with different strengths. The only thing that matters is whether the show/episode is good and if you have to make changes to achieve that, I say do it.

  14. The new anime doesnt have heaby dialogue. Thats why I feel that the new one is not as good as the old one. The 2nd episode is rushed. Hek, Glass Reflection said it while I was typing it.

  15. I hated the original. My older brother and I loved the new one. Maybe the original just didn't age well when it comes to modern anime pacing. Maybe I was expecting to much from nostalgia driven ratings similar to Cowboy Bebop to some degree. All that I know is that I have agreed, liked and even loved a majority of your suggestions Arcada. (sorry if I misspelled your name ;p)

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