Gohan & Piccolo Tag Team Greatness — Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Anime Review

If you’re a Gohan & Piccolo fan then Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 is for you! We got some great Tag Team Action against Universe 6. Also props to Universe 2 and 6 going down with class. Ready for Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Review?

Love you all so much thank you for all the support!
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33 Replies to “Gohan & Piccolo Tag Team Greatness — Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Anime Review”

  1. i cant lie, i cried a little with the emotional exit of universe 7… and then my heart pumped up in hype when Vegeta said he is in a bad mood after he saw his student Cabba being erased. it touched me in a way. Vegeta is a badass and i know he will avenge and get universe 7 back.

    the only disappointment in this episode for me was that Gohan and Piccolo didn't fuse together. i was hoping that they 2 would do the dance fusion and finally making a new thing but alas it didn't happen 🙁

  2. My top 5 Favorite scenes from episode 118:

    1. Champa's "raspberry" at Beerus before he got erased.
    2. Nail and Kami scene
    3. Universe 2 erasure
    4. Special Beam Cannon tactics (reminded me of when Goku and Piccolo teamed up against Raditz)
    5. Androids and Goku team up vs the "Love Love Boys" of Universe 2

  3. I like Universe 2, I really don't get the hate, I feel like most people who think that are Z fans and not OG dragon ball but even still in Z it was quirky sometimes.

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