Ghost in the Shell Featurette: Anime Director Mamoru Oshii Praises Film’s Vision

In this behind-the-scenes video of Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell film, 1995 anime film director Mamoru Oshii says Scarlett Johansson «has gone above and beyond my expectations for the role» of the Major.

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37 Replies to “Ghost in the Shell Featurette: Anime Director Mamoru Oshii Praises Film’s Vision”

  1. crew: "We've created a universe nobody's ever seen before"

    Audience first reaction to trailer: "Well this looks very derivative of every cheap and boring sci fi movie churned out of hollywood for the last 15 years."

    Ok. I might be overestimating it. But if there is one thing the released footage lack at this point, it's a unique and daring new vision. But then again… they're only trailers. Maybe the film will win us over?

  2. i really hope this movie does well. This could be the start of more animes being adapted into live action films. I realize some people will hate this though, probably a lot lol

  3. sorry to ruin the mood but Motoko Kusanagi should HAVE BEEN JAPANESE in this movie
    gosh Wtf Mrs. Johanson is doin' here
    and Mamoruu Oshii prises this?
    oh the hell money can accomplish….

  4. honestly I think people are over hyping this movie, and that is a problem. cause when theovie comes out people's expectations are way to high for that movie to deliver, besides I'm like positively sure the vast majority of you haven't even seen the original ghost in the shell film and think they know what it's all about.

  5. I really hope they haven't gone for Oshii's take on the Major. Masamune Shirow hated his version so much he tried to have his name removed from Oshii's film, because he thought it bore so little resemblance to his original manga.

  6. Did you guys know Mamoru Oshii isn't the creator of Ghost in the Shell, so this video means absolutely nothing? His movies were among the worst entries in the franchise and represented little if anything at all of the original themes and characterizations of the manga.

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