First Time Seeing Top 10 Anime Character Rage Moments REACTION!!!


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46 Replies to “First Time Seeing Top 10 Anime Character Rage Moments REACTION!!!”

  1. They picked a lot of good ones, but my favorites are Shigeo(Mob) against Koyama(Mob Psycho 100) and Jyugo's rage when he fought Musashi(Nanbaka S1). Not even his friends could stop him! My favorite DBZ rage moment is when Cell struck Trunks down and Vegeta went CRAZY!

  2. Thats why you should watch dub versions of the beach fights so you dont have to listen to Orihime say "Kurosaki Kun!" every 2 seconds. Plus the English voice actors in bleach are very good.

  3. Hey dude, love your reactions, just my opinion but i think you should stop reacting to clips of anime and start reacting to entire episodes, i mean as in watch the entire series and upload every episode reactions that way you will have context behind your reactions, either way i still love your reactions bro. peace.

  4. probably one of the weakest rage moment compilations i've ever seen. no reiner from legend of the legendary heroes, no gon hunterxhunter, just to name 2 off the top of my head that irrefutably trump mainy of the "rage" moments on this list :/. there were a few good ones, but several were just flat out weak.

  5. HUNTER X HUNTER  Razor vs Gon, Killua, Hisoka Dodgeball (more like deathball XD) match, its a long video some parts are a bit spead up and after the match ends the last 3 minutes or so are irrelevant but its an awesome match hope you react to it and enjoy it as much as me. ( Killua does not have his super saiyan lightning speed for this mach)

  6. Kill la kill is made from the creators of Gurren Laggen it's a perfect series for you to react to

    But first you must watch kazuma vs Rhyuho Final battle Name of Anime is S-CRY-ED

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