Epic Rap Battles of Anime: Perfect Cell Vs Frieza

Epic Rap battles was a legendary series, heres my tribute to them in ANIME STYLE! This was my first time voicing Imperfect cell in a video on the channel. Let me know what you guys think! All voices in the video are done by me!

This video was also a remake of one of my first uploads on this channel so props to whoever can spot that and has been with me that long

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45 Replies to “Epic Rap Battles of Anime: Perfect Cell Vs Frieza”

  1. It always annoys me when people keep making "epic rap battles of ____" can't come up with your own series title? Whitney Avalon has Princess Rap Battles. It's simple and it showcases what she's doing. She didnt name it Epic Rap Battles of Princess.

    Couldn't do Dragonball Rap Battle Z?
    or Devil Artemis Presents Cell's Perfect Rap Battles?

    The content itself is entertaining. I visit here periodically.

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