Eiken Anime Review/Rant


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43 Replies to “Eiken Anime Review/Rant”

  1. About to watch this. I expect prudish, moral high-horse "critiques" of "fanservice is bad," the typical "these characters are so flat because I was not interested" argument, calling it annoying, no mention of the manga, no real analysis, and a "I couldn't even finish it."

  2. They failed so badly at fanservice. Their breasts weren't even attractive AT ALL, I just wanted to stop watching it within the first two minutes. But, I had to watch all of it in order to do a review for my project. I'm gonna go to hell when i die, won't i

  3. Oh god. This anime. This piece of trash was so painful to watch that it made me lose my mind. Thanks to this, I don't find Anime Women to be attractive anymore. That's how bad it is. I feel sorry for you man. I really do.

  4. I like to imagine Satan didn't send him to hell and resurrected him and let the fans continue to tortured him with bullshit month but still being a dick he disconnected the Wi-Fi

  5. I thought Eiken was a parody of fan service anime and that it was deliberately over the top to lampoon the genre of ecchi fan service romantic comedy anime. Either that or I'm reading too much into it.

  6. I can't possibly be the only one who finds Eiken to be absolutely hilarious beyond belief. The gigantic jiggling watermelons on those girls never stop bouncing. It's so hideously absurb that I can't help but go along with the joke, because it's pretty clear (in more ways than one) that this wasn't made with any serious thought or passion put into it.

    The 12 year old girl with her giant Z-Cup tities were a step beyond the line though (not that I'm implying that there was a line to cross anyway). It's like…child pornography. It's gross!

  7. This anime I think is one of the greatest of all time, and for the record, I'm not saying this as a joke. First off this anime is so philosophically deep I can say for certain that you have to look really deep into this to really see what this anime is trying to say, to look at it from a surface perspective is to disregarded it as unnecessary fanservice pandering, the animation was very stilted and bland the colors were very dull and the character designs were just generic, the writing and story structure from as little as there were, was a complete and udder mess, however , in fact that's not actually a bad thing it was actually to the anime's favor, just think about it…if I would have gone further into what I meant we would have been here all day, so wrapping things up I have seen a roughly two hundred plus anime, read 300 plus novels (from classic American literature to modern day light novels) and I have seen a variety of low-quality to high-quality works, so I have some standards to look for when constructing a really Broad and unpopular opinion as this, I will say this, however, I see this as a subversive deconstruction of the ecchi genre Even though it may not appear as such, that's just what I gained.
    it's a risk watching this, you may lose some IQ points if you see it as a typical lifeless ecchi anime with zero substance, ALTHOUGH in the long run, you may gain a lot of IQ points if you see it as the work of art that it was meant to be.
    an underrated masterpiece right along side there with the classics in anime NO….HISTORY

  8. I agree with you on some of the things that you said…though I admit I watched this anime when I was a kid..but if you're a gamer I would like to get your review and opinions on any video game that you think is good or bad

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