EDENS ZERO Manga Released, Dragon Ball Z in Theaters, & MORE! | Anime Recap

EDENS ZERO Manga Released, Dragon Ball Z in Theaters, & MORE! Let us know in the comments what you’re excited for!

Anime Recap is a weekly news show where Victoria (@sailorbee) brings you the latest anime news in bite sized segments so you can stay up to speed on all the happenings in the world of anime.

Here are the full stories from today’s episode!

🌟Dragon Ball Z films coming to theaters: https://got.cr/2MYPfvw
🌟The Cruel’s Angel Thesis updated music video: https://got.cr/2MqPcrv
🌟Crunchyroll’s Summer simulcast line-up: https://got.cr/2MlLCyw
🌟Feel the Wind PV: https://got.cr/2tFNyKF
🌟Phantom in the Twilight PV: https://got.cr/2tz4p2q
🌟Free! Dive to the Future PV: https://got.cr/2lCFUgH
🌟Hinomaru Zumou anime key visual: https://got.cr/2tw9fh2
🌟Edens Zero on Crunchyroll Manga: https://got.cr/2yImdgQ
🌟Re:ZERO OVA theatrical debut: https://got.cr/2tNEd3J
🌟JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind anime announced: https://got.cr/2tyFKer
🌟Konosuba movie announced: https://got.cr/2ItKBlV

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Written by @Camalange

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47 Replies to “EDENS ZERO Manga Released, Dragon Ball Z in Theaters, & MORE! | Anime Recap”

  1. ………..really? Why dragonball z in the big screen!!!?? Im a huuuuge fan of dragonball z but at these reight anime is not gona go anywhere! I love dragonball but thats more of a personal taist cuse the movies are not that good for the public thats never seen anime before. The need to poot on the big screen mor genereliced anime movies!! Their are soooo many clasics wiling to give anime a good name!! Koe no katashi silent voice, your name, vampier hunter D oh my gosh what are the companies doing with this general aportunities!! We only have one shot!!

    Love the video thogh keep it up!!♡♡

  2. Yea thanks for listing the new anime coming up!! Super excited about the Cruel angel thesis new vid. Thanks for reping PRide month! How can someone score a shirt like Ms Holden has in 3x? Is there any bara shirts?

  3. I read Edens Zero and I liked it. Only concern is that Happy is legitimately in the story, so I wonder if Edens Zero has a major connection to Fairy Tail if Mashima added the same exact character to an entirely different manga… let's see how this plays out.

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