Dragon Ball Online — Good Or Bad Anime MMORPG Adaptation?

So we took another look at Dragon Ball Online — this time because we generally wanted to. How does it hold up though in terms of being an Anime inspired MMORPG? Let’s take a look in the first couple hours, shall we?

Dragon Ball Online is a Free to play (f2p) MMORPG.

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39 Replies to “Dragon Ball Online — Good Or Bad Anime MMORPG Adaptation?”

  1. I couldn't stand it, the question in this game is beyond retardly designed. I literally had to pick up 2 quest run half way across a map (which took forever) then run back to turn in and repeat. It was so tedious an bad -.-

  2. Unlike most here I'm going to say this like a civil human being. Your commentary is rather lackluster and childish. It seems like the dialogue of people who are trying really hard to be funny, but it is back firing. Perhaps it's just because you guys are close and shoot the shit like that all the time, however that is somewhat hard to believe. In all honesty, you guys have the potential to be really good at this. I think you just need to not try as hard. You have a lot of great videos on your channel that are superb. With videos requiring live commentary of gameplay you just need a little more work. Of course, all of this could be avoided by saying "if you don't like it, don't watch it", but I know a lot YouTubers who value criticism.

  3. It's a private server, the original game was cancelled many years ago. I looked into this game, but the admin turned me off pretty quick with his dismissiveness of legitimate questions from others over how he can collect any money from this project.

    When he said he could do whatever he wanted with the game, showed his complete greedy nature or his complete understanding of copyright law. He does not, and to the best of my knowledge he is not licensing the rights from NTL or Bandai.

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