Dragon Ball FighterZ OFFICIAL World Tournament Commentator Play-by-Play Developer GAMEPLAY

Official high-level developer gameplay of Dragon Ball FighterZ from Bandai Namco Entertainment and Arc System Works with play-by-play from the World Martial Arts Tournament Commentator. There are 17+ minutes of official footage. Subscribe for more Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay http://bit.ly/animegamesonline

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26 Replies to “Dragon Ball FighterZ OFFICIAL World Tournament Commentator Play-by-Play Developer GAMEPLAY”

  1. oh i thought the announcer pack was just the world tournament commentator saying "get ready for a dragon ball rumble" like in the beginning or "kid buu wins" and stuff along that nature but if its just that for the spectator mode then, its not worth it for me.

  2. Daym!! Hype is real, please can someone tell that if you are able to play the game on open beta free because I'm not able to when I launch the game it gives me this msg " Attenion!! The server is undergoing maintenance" and if moves back to main game page :(!!!

  3. Definitely a nice touch as that commentator was a huge part of Dragon Ball, but I think it could do with more lines of dialogue and slightly better execution. For example, I think they should change the position the commentator appears or make him smaller; it seems to cause too much screen pollution. I also feel it shouldn't be as loud especially if it is repeating the same lines a lot. Really fun idea though.

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