Dorm Room Delights | My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 13 REVIEW | Anime FMK

Hang a sock on the doorknob, ’cause things are about to crazy up in this dorm room, this week on My Hero Academia Season 3!

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50 Replies to “Dorm Room Delights | My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 13 REVIEW | Anime FMK”

  1. I'm glad to see Kaiser understanding what a passive aggressive person does when they actually care about people. Guys show kindness in a much different way than girls do. There are exceptions, but that is what I get out of my life experiences.

  2. No offence to Kaiser but geez, aren't you over exaggeration with the sexualizing other than Mineta? You're really telling me that a teenage girl won't wear a midriff? I mean it's not like we saw an underboob or something?
    Honestly I found it very strange that most of their students were STILL in their US PE/ Sport class clothes when moving into the rooms! Yes this could be argue that they didn't had time to changed cloths and spend the entirely of it decking out their room but still. There is no way in hell would had deck out my university room while wearing a university like uniform!

  3. I understood why Bakugo did what he did to make Kaminari a doofus and give (his) money to Kirishima. Seemed simple to me, the Kaminari part was first because he wanted to distract everyone while he did something nice for Kirishima without the attention if he did it first.

  4. WAY too long on "I'm confused by Bakugo scene". You guys go in circles talking about the same thing, taking up too much of the portion of the video. I had to skip forward rolling my eyes.

  5. I don't understand why nobody seems to understand that Bakugo scene.
    It completely made sense for his character given the development he's been given and I understood it right away.

  6. Bakugou used Kaminari's post-charge derpiness as both a way to repay his debt to the group, and as a way to obscure the real literal repayment to Kirishima.

    Also, I don't think the focus on Mina was supposed to be sexual, at least not in a fanservice-y way. At least for me, it looked like they were showing that everyone was getting more comfortable with each other in a casual setting.

  7. Scott’s face just screams “I guess you two are just stupid then” during that whole Bakugo money conversation.

    Honestly, I picked up what was happening almost right away when it happened in the episode. So maybe I’m just projecting.

    But this isn’t the first time I’ve had to sit and listen to Scott explain something that I got straight away while Grant and Ben call it dumb and poorly explained.

  8. Such a good, chill episode. This was a great way to show off everyone's character a little outside of combat, and I love that. MHA is so good at making all of their characters feel real and that they have depth. I'd be down for an arc that focused on 1-B, and I'm still hoping Hitoshi gets more time to shine.

  9. I'm pretty sure it was more him using Kaminari to distract people so he could repay Kirishima without everyone noticing. Also Bakugo should of been able to hold out until Grand Torino arrived and the two of them should of lasted until Endeavor arrived, if not even get away.

  10. I'm 100% with Kaiser on the Mineta issue. Up until now combining the comeuppance he received with his minimal story relevance has allowed him to be decently entertaining, but this episode, even moreso than in the manga, where it was already a bit much, definitely crossed a line. I just hope we dial it back a bit form here.

  11. I think the Bakugo was using Kaminari discharge to distract the group while he says thank you to Krishima in the only way he knows how, by paying for the night vision googles. As we all know Bakugo is not the best at say thanks or just being a kind in general but his friend did just saved his life (and he wasn't Deku). Well that was my take from it.

  12. Bakugo doesn't talk about his feelings, its not in him too, but the making the class laugh etc is part of the subtle hints towards his growth. His telling Deku not to come after him as he was dragged through the portal, trying to save his friend because he knew that deku would do something stupid (deku…being deku, does it anyway). Bakugo has figured out the all might thing and, in his own weird way, tried to turn around on deku, knowing the weight on his shoulders. He's been all around less hostile towards him. His growth is subtle but he's never going to explain it.

    Meanwhile, on the mineta thing, I've always found it amusing that people react that way to him, when I can almost guarantee you that he's basically what midnight was when she was his age (We say part of that leaking through during the naming and the summer games). Yet, among the majority of the fanbase it's fine for her, not so for mineta. Don't get me wrong, not condoning the behavior at all, but it's clearly an appearance/gender bias.

  13. The reason he couldn't have robbed kaminari is that he gave kirishima a pretty large sum of money. it's the equivalent of 500$. nobody carries that much money on themselves for no reason.

  14. Just to say it out loud: Froppy's message changed from
    "I'm frustrated at myself for not supporting you" in the Manga,
    to "I can't believe my words mean so little to you!" in the Anime.
    And I bet it's just because they fucked up her filler episode in Season 2
    and had to change the message to make more sense …
    THAT is why I hated the freakin filler conclusion for her. Bones fucked up here!

  15. I think it would be a bad look for UA if they expel the students after failing to protect them in the first place. Also after begging the parents to put them in dorms. I mean their media image is bad enough as it is. I mean it could be argued that deku and the others went on their own, partly because they felt the heroes were not good enough, and they were right. The heroes did not expect all for one.

  16. In the manga, the scene with Kaminari is handled /slightly/ differently where Kirashima asks "How did you know I spent so much!?" and Bakugo says something along the lines of "That idiot always spills."

    It seems to be implied Kaminari was forced to not only zap himself for the group's amusement, but as Bakugo's way of finding out how much Kirashima spent on him.

    I agree that the show and even the manga don't really translate this very well, though. I mean, to begin with, how does Bakugo even force him to use his quirk like that? Kaminari doesn't have a pressure point that makes his quirk activate or anything. It's definitely an awkward scene all around; especially Jirou's laughter. She kinda finds it too funny. <(' '<);

  17. Honestly I agree the Bakugou moment felt off & could seem like he roughed Kaminari up for money… If it wasnt for the fact the cash for Kirishima would be around 500$.
    Do you really think a kid would be carring that Kind of cash on him?

  18. Alongside being a tension break, to me it seemed like Bakugo used Kaminari's boisterous stupidity as a diversion tactic so no one pays direct attention to him paying back Kirishima, since he probably wouldn't want to be hassled by his classmates about uncharacteristically showing a form of emotional maturity and consideration for another beyond numero uno for once.

  19. I was disappointed in Froppy, actually. She was wrong in claiming that disobeying orders (and even laws) automatically made you no better than villains because…

    News Flash! Not all laws or rules are actually just. Plenty of atrocities throughout history were perfectly legal under the laws of the time. @_@ Even if we give Deku and friends no credit for what they accomplished — filling in an oversight in the adult heroes' plan — there is a difference between someone abusing their powers for lols or selfish gain and someone misusing them in a misguided attempt at helping people.

    Still wrong, so lucky that Deku and friends actually played a usefull role, but not the same as being a supervillain.

  20. Ch 98 Page 10 explains why Bakugo dragged Kaminari behind the bush.

    After handing the exact amount for the goggles to Kirishima, Bakugo is asked how he knew how much it costs. Bakugo replies “The dumbfuck always spills.” with dumb Kaminari going “herpy derpy doo” in the same panel.

    So he made Kaminari dumb to interrogate him. In the anime this line is missing, and the “I withdrew it from the ATM” line is added. No idea why.

    I think the tension-breaking antics of Kaminari was an unintended consequence.

  21. (i couldn't pick which thought to comment with this episode/review, so here's all of them.)

    personally, i kind of liked Todoroki's room. the japanese themed dorm just seems pretty relaxing to me. i did think Shoji's room was kind of funny, no posters or unique colors, it's just….just a futon. that just cracked me up how simple it was.

    i agree with Kaizer on Yayorozu as a character. in your typical highschool anime, the rich girls and guys are usually the scumbags, the assholes, the bitches, really asshole characters. Yayorozu with how cute, innocent and lovable she is, her letting out a comment stating exactly how privileged she is is overseen by her as a person. yeah, she was born in high society, but she turned out just fine. we need more characters like her in anime.

    one thing i heard particularly from others i know who are watching this said things like "OMG, Episode 13 we're gonna get to the best moment in the series!!!" and i've read the manga, i know which one they're talking about. after seeing the All might battle, the entire time i figured "they're gonna try to drag out the aftermath and filler from the manga for a few episodes". honestly i seriously doubt we're getting to that particular moment in the series till like the next episode at the very least, even then it might just be the starting conversation.

  22. Maybe Horikoshi just assumed his readers/viewers were smart enough to infer what Bakugo was doing based on everything else going on in the scene.

    But, hey, if these guys need a character to spell it out for them, then I guess Horikoshi should make his writing more obvious.

  23. This episode had a lot of those male gaze sort of nonsense, I hope we don't get more of that in the future. It felt very damn skivvy unlike the first episode of the season. Very uncharacteristic of this show, as I usually do like fan service, this one just felt creepy.

  24. the reason bakugo made elic-boy go dofus before giving the money is either for the group to cheer up AND for said group not to notice when he gives kirishima the money, so he can keep his aparence of being "tough". showing up even more that kirishima is the one bakugo trusts teh most simply because he actually gave the guy teh money, showing for a moment he was vulnerable while hidding it from everyone else.

  25. Oh my god this over sensitive Bullshit of "OH MINETA CROSSED A LINE" "OH THESE ARE 15 YEAR OLDS".
    It comes to a point where it looks like you are ACTIVELY looking for these things to happen and just blow them off of proportion just to be politically correct. My God its just a fucking joke. Let the gag be what it is…a GOD DAMN GAG! Oh what is that I hear you say? Its a cartoon? Have you met teenagers…EVER? How is anything done by Mineta out of character in this episode. 70%-80% of what they think about sex OF COURSE they are going to go head over heels because of a midriff. If it were one of the teachers fantasizing over one of the students (like sword art online's creepy sex dungeon scene) THEN I would agree with this: "OH MY GOD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! THEY ARE KIDS"

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