DON’T BAZOOKA THE LOLIS! — Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks

Sometimes you gotta keep ’em under control.

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30 Replies to “DON’T BAZOOKA THE LOLIS! — Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks”

  1. Maybe that's exactly the reason Sonic isn't rollin' around at the speed of sound all the time… because the sonic booms would destroy everything around him.

    But hey, that's just a theory, a Gnogging Theory! Thanks for watching!

  2. My top 10:

    1. Inuyasha
    2. Naruto
    3. Shana no shakugan
    4. Toradora
    5. Rosario Vampire
    6. Tokyo Ghoul
    7. Chivalry no cavalry
    8. Strike the Blood
    9. Bleach
    10. SNAFU My High School Comedy

    Honorable mentions:

    Terror in renaissance
    Black lagoon
    Full metal panic
    Scum’s wish
    Love & Lies
    Hand shakers (Best art ever in my opinion.)
    Your lie in April
    Garden of words (movie)
    Runoni Kenshin
    Pumpkin Scissors
    Scrapped Princess
    Just Because
    Artistrek War

  3. I know the music at 5:07 is Running in the 90s from Initial D. But what is the anime that it's showing???? It looks effing awesome! (Or tragic…) I've kind of been been trying to catch up on all the arrowverse shows as of late (currently on Flash season 2 Arrow season 4) so it really speaks to me. xD

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