33 Replies to “[DBOR] The God… The Minority…”

  1. I did some quick maths and found you need 1,400,000 experience for ultra instinct, when your level 700 you should have 3500 skill points total, so you can have 700 for each, doing the latest parallel quest gives 93,000 so you would only need to do it 15 times to get to 1,400,000. So make sure to spam that quest guys.

  2. Dayum that's sik but just for a tip,If u know DBFS(Dragon Ball Final Stand)Can u also add the teleport feature when u punch rapidly then teleport?It will help the game a lot.

    Anthor thing is Can u add a move where u rapidly punch

    Just ideas

  3. Hello, I'm not sure if theres a place to leave suggestions for the game, but I was wondering if you can add arrow key support if its possible? I know what you may be thinking… Who in their right mind uses arrow keys? It's too late for me to switch to WASD as I'm used to arrow keys, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this

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