Cells at Work is THE BEST ANIME OF 2018

I LOVE this anime to bits. Please do check it out. It’s the perfect cross between informational and entertaining.

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23 Replies to “Cells at Work is THE BEST ANIME OF 2018”

  1. I know it's your opinion but saying it's the best anime of 2018 is a little bit far fetched since jojo's part 5 will air this year. But yeah this show is a good contender for a top 10 anime of 2018.

  2. I agree, this series is really great! And, as someone a bit older, it reminds me of "Once upon a time … life". Sure, complete other style, more focus on action, but the same base idea, use anthropomorphic cells to explain things, that happen in our body. Educational and very funny at the same time. Oh, and of course it's super kawaii. I nearly died of cuteness, when the second ep aired!

  3. The only gripe I have with this anime is the inaccurate facts they try to convey as correct. There are a ton of facts that could have been corrected to be true in a way that would have no impact on the story nor the structure. I do love this anime quite a lot, but as a Biology major who will be getting a Bachelors degree soon, it’s difficult to ignore any information they state that is inconsistent with the real mechanism or factually incorrect entirely.

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