Best Anime Abridged Moments 2018 #13

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Who wants to know what is it? It’s Best Abridged Moments! (Remember Subscribe Original Creators!)

1. 0:13 Clannad Abridged by MewVenus :
2. 0:54 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged by Team Brotherhood :
3. 2:27 Hunter x Hunter Abridged by Ranmarotto :
4. 3:12 Monogatari Abridged by TooTsunNotEnoughDere :
5. 3:48 Ore, Monogatari Abridged by PowerMadOtaku :
6. 4:43 Steins Gate Abridged by The Exceed Squad :
7. 5:42 Accel World Abridged by Xcaliborg :

Thanks for Watching ^^

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