Anime vs Reality [pt 1]: Dating & Love アニメ vs リアル

I talked about the questions I got with my sister, Yuka. We didn’t talk in English so you have to read subtitles if you don’t understand Japanese. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

*Since these are just our experiences this obviously may not be true for all of Japan, so please do not take it too seriously!



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48 Replies to “Anime vs Reality [pt 1]: Dating & Love アニメ vs リアル”

  1. The straight face is in the ADN :)))))))))))
    Nhà này mặt liệt do di truyền, trời owiiiiiiiii :)))))))
    Yêu vào mặt Jun còn biểu cảm tí :)))) chứ mấy video đầu mặt cũng liệt kinh dị :)))))))))))

  2. Thank Goodness!!! You answered a lot of questions in my head. Hahaha! I thought it's normal in Japan for the girls to confess to the boys they like.
    Also, I love the trivia about the buttons. It's pretty romantic. ❤ you can say it's a sign that the boy likes you. However, it's a bad thing if the girl didn't know about it. She will feel that you're weird for giving him the 2nd button without saying anything hehe.

  3. Jun's graduation story sounds exactly like an anime. The handsome popular guy who's so oblivious that he breaks hearts without realizing… now it just needs a loud angry girl to come whack him over the head because he made girl cry.

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