Anime Vines / Crack LIKE THIS?! #154

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Anime Included:
Mirai Nikki
Pokémon XY
Tokyo Ravens
Clannad: After Story
Golden Time
Inu x Boku Secret Service
Yozakura Quartet

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42 Replies to “Anime Vines / Crack LIKE THIS?! #154”

  1. U know anime on crack is the best place to find anime because it's the only thing people talk about I learnt about future diary here and hands down best anime ever it's got everything porn, action, plot twist, mass killings and most of all YUKI YUKI YUKI YUKI YUKI YUKI

  2. U know, I didn't think I was going to see 2:06 in a long time… But, here we are, almost an actual VR meme. Probably because it was one of the first Fetish's to be put in Virtual Reality. Hope the rest of you guys don't mind us.

  3. Sam Riami Spider Man 2 and Marc Webb The Amazing Spider Man in Anime Vines was the best especially Pikachu and Ash falling and Stan Lee listening to Anime Music while Spider Man and Lizard we're fighting in the school library' xD

  4. I know here are only weeaboos wich have to go to jail if a poilice officer just starts the PC and sees the undressed loli on the desktop, even if you tell him she is 3000+ years old aaaand a dragon … anyway
    Does someone know the movie at 1:00?

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