Anime Vines #20「CAR TALK」


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0:07 Oregairu (audio) JoeysWorldTour
0:10 (video) Some Kid Dancing (audio) Monster Musume OP // Saikousoku Fall in Love
0:27 The Devil is a Part-Timer! (audio) Diego Vlog #2
0:37 ERASED (audio) Car-Talk #2
1:02 Oreimo (audio) Akward Puppets — Meet Benita
1:10 ERASED (audio) One Punch Man OP // THE HERO
1:16 Attack on Titan (audio) YourChonny — B+ Again!?
1:41 Oreimo (audio) Akward Puppets — Meet Benita
1:47 ERASED (audio) Car-Talk #2

Intro Music: Lookas — Genesis
Outro Music: Lookas — Loko

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