ANIME OVERWATCH! Black Clover Quartet Knights

This game kinda giving off that Overwatch vibe

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► Intro Song — Sawano Hiroyuki — Attack On Titan (Rayden Remix) (Vocal — Mika Kobayashi)
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45 Replies to “ANIME OVERWATCH! Black Clover Quartet Knights”

  1. Sorry to all the people liking quartet knights so far, and I’m not saying this looks like a bad game… but quartet knights just looks like a worse Gigantic… R.I.P. Gigantic. It’s got pretty much the same straightforward objective style, same class type thingies, same over the top third person quick death nonsense. Food girl looks like a mix of Voden and Sven, and from what I can tell, Asta is kind of like Tripp and the other guy that I don’t know the name of… ummm, Sasuke clone, seems like Tyto. I don’t see many differences other than that it has a Black Clover theme, an addition that I can say I’m uneducated about at best. But hey, perhaps the full release will branch out a bit.

  2. This game is the oneeee I want soooo ima get my mom to buy it cuz I got half the money and obviously she has the rest ;-; ik I shud buy things for myself but I would’ve had enough if I got some money but since I’m on holiday and my mom use everything she had on my nan / her mum she kinda broke now but ye anyway my nan died ;( so ye I only got one nan now well hope she lives long :/

  3. Ay yo I got question for everyone here who tf reads the manga like do you think there's actually a thought in the world that would make us think that like bruh just get a YouTuber to upload some videos on the anime if they're doing a lot about manga like that shit annoying

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