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  1. Anime=Cancer



    Weaboo= mentally I'll
    Mentally ill= mental hospital
    Mental hospital= trapped
    Trapped= anime

    Anime=no good trash weaboo looking mentally fanbase
    No good trash weaboo looking mentally fanbase= Anime

    Anime= cringe
    Common= uh oh
    Uh oh= mistake
    Mistake= ANIME

    Anime= dumb
    Dumb=toddler (fanbase sometimes)
    Toddler= infant
    TERRIBLE DEVELOPED BRAIN= anime watchers
    Anime watchers=trash
    Trash= useless
    Useless= anime
    Anime = not a real person
    Not a real person= fake
    Fake= anime supporters
    Anime supporters= mentally ill fanbase
    Mentally ill fanbase= animes fanbase
    Animes fanbase= ANIME

    The content you've probably read is the answer key to Anime Cringe. No one encourages you to watch anime, nor should you. Be responsible. Think. and if you watch anime, " WHEN WILL YOU LEARN… THAT YOUR aCtIoNs HaVe CoNsEqUeNcEs"

  2. DONT TALK SHIT ABOUT ANIME!!!!!! Look this is really long comment about me complaining about shit and that anime isn't trash u are fucking retarded by saying that anime is duck ng garbage and I know that ur video is fake because u are wrong in any possible way. Wow runned out of things to write here, ye im not very creative person so yea… and by the way u r frikking succer ass bumbe lolololok and wtf is a bumbe I dont know it just auto corrected it and im too lazy to go and fix it so yeah, wow lol how are you btw nice day isn't well it is here I dont know where u live and what kinda weather there is but still what a miserable and beautiful day. Edit here: anime is trash this is a troll Idk why I am still writing this tbh but if you have made it here then congrats on that and… yea I don't have anything to give to you tbh and I know I dont put dots here but im way too lazy to do that lol. Look theres one there xd well tbh I dont know if u r still reading this or not but if you are, I respect that jii. And wtf is jii it auto corrected again I've been fucking high while using this phone goddam. And yras I am using a phone and its fucking annoying to write im also in canaria right now and im from europe but now u know where I live shit I are probably going to kill me in my sleep but I don't give a shit go for it buddy. Ok im going to end this useless comment here bye and fuck u and ur family. Kawaii desune arikkato hajidontgiveashit

  3. Anime IS NOT TRASH! You see how this video has 2k likes? That's the amount of his IQ in MINUS! So.. only a dumbass would say that anime is trash, when it's not! I love dragon ball super and gt and other things like JJBA, phantom blood, battle tendency and even one punch man! So.. all of you haters of anime out there..male or female or even non-existent gender.. BEGONE THOTS!!!

  4. Well I’m a anime fan of RWBY but I don’t want to know talk trash back so I’m triggered and don’t care at the same time who else feels the same and plz don’t hate on this comment

  5. God said once That he will bestow a hero of worlds a vanquisher of all things evil this ,my brothers and sisters is the man. The great rebirth of man so legendary his shining blueberry slushee will take the mans eyes or whoever looks at it. Behold the apossal of god himself

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