Anime I F*cking Hate — Sword Art Online (Part 1: The Aincrad Arc)

DXFan619’s review of Sword Art Online is finally here! In this video he tackles the first 13 episodes, also known as the Aincrad Arc of the story.

Special thanks to Kyo! He provided great insight into SAO and this video wouldn’t be the same without him.

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25 Replies to “Anime I F*cking Hate — Sword Art Online (Part 1: The Aincrad Arc)”

  1. The animi got weirder when they married and ur right Asuna is more popular and she is in a guilt and funny part is kirito is in front line and is playing solo and number the 1 no one knows him wtf

  2. Dude no one needs to know how leveling works if u don't then ur an idiot plus here is the thing we saw that the main character was able to level up 30 in only a month and after 2 years he is 96 it's because the higher the level get the more XP u need to level up seriously wtf u need more XP and since the main character is a solo player he doesn't go on to many mission cuz he doesn't want to die and since he acted like a villain to keep everyone 2gether no one wants to join him

  3. Well if it had job system no one would want to go to the front lines and would do other shit since they won't wanna die plus if it had now and arrows it won't name it sword they named it sword art online which means everything that can be controlled with hand and close range

  4. Another reason why SAO sucks that wasn't really mentioned is it's sooooooooooo boring. The entire first episode is pretty much a regular conversation. And also, in the later seasons, the whole "Yui" or whatever, situation is meant to be sweet I guess? But it feels really awkward and makes no sense.

  5. Well, in my opinion, the ORIGINAL Sword Art Online world was very cool, and the time of two years Kirito spent there was a great material for TWO FREAKIN SEASONS, but instead they finished SAO the way it really was in a half of the first season. Wait, did I say "half"? Sorry, I misspelled. I meant in an episode Kirito kissed this dumbass Asuna, or maybe even earlier. Oh yeah, the second point. ASUNA. I hate her and it's not because I have a crush in Kirito or something (his dumb too), but I have never met an anime character so shallow and… idiotic. Asuna should be in Klein's place. Klein is actually the only character I ever liked in this series so I wanted to see him by Kirito's side with his pizza and ale to the end. Asuna should be the one who was appearing once for six episodes. Besides, she was one of best players in SAO. Shouldn't she be able to at least slap this pervert into face in AHO arc? Speaking of perverts and other stuff, her relationship with Kirito was lame and asspulled, if you ask me. They don't have anything in common, not even colors, their big loff started when Kirito said to Asuna something so obvious, that even she, as the biggest idiot of SAO should figured out like a year before. No other character of SAO is really important, they could just make an empty world with just Kirito and Asuna in it and it would be the same. Speakin of worlds, Kayaba Akihiko is aslo an idiot, but not as big as Asuna, since he menaged to make such advanced game and trap 10K players in it. But c'mon! How stupid can a human being, if asked why did he intentionaly killed so many innocent people, responds 'I don't remember'?

    Okay, I'll stop there, but I'll say one last thing…


    PS: I got bored of the second season after the first episode, so I don't know any of this, except of a guy who shooted a man shooting in the monitor.

  6. But you forgot another person in the SAO topic the people who lie key like it or don’t but spend money to watch the movies and spend a whole lot of time making a bunch of videos just so the people who like it can get shit on because it’s a “Trend” and I’m a SAO fan but I can notice its flaws but some people take it to far like some people say it’s garbage but make half a hour videos I’m not talking about u

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