Anime Explained: Kazuto and Asuna’s Daughter?

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50 Replies to “Anime Explained: Kazuto and Asuna’s Daughter?”

  1. It was said that Kuroyuki came from a abusive family which is likely impossible for Kirito and Asuna. In LNovel, a former member of Nega Nebulus named Graphite Edge who taught various moves to Black Lotus(Kuroyuki) has the EXAAACCTTT same incarnate system ability as Kirito's. But Graphite Edge can't be Kirito because He's too old to play Brain Burst. Or maybe he found a way to enter the game since He's the one who made BB. Or Graphite Edge is Kirito and Asuna's child. Or maybe Graphite Edge is a copy of Kirito due to his fluctlight in Under World.

  2. Just thinking that maybe Black Lotus is Kirito's niece/cousin… Since HE was an orphan, and a thoroughly family oriented guy, it wouldn't be a huge step for them to be related in some way. That said, the relationship couldn't be close geographically, since I would expect Asuna, at very least, to visit Black Lotus in hospital… The similarities in technology are there, and the differences would make sense since all technology that important would be constantly being upgraded.

  3. Well it's true I got no evidence but it's true AND DON'T BLAME KIRITO AND ASUNA THAT THEY DIDN'T VISIT KOROHIMEYA WHATEVER HER NAME IS WHEN SHE WAS BY A CAR BLAME THE CREATOR and besides this girl is from another anime we can't let two animes join together

  4. Actually it's more likely Kazuto and Asuna had a son than a daughter.

    Kuroyukihime's skill set are all taken from her master. She learned these skills from Graphite Edge, one of the Elementals of Nega Nebulas and one of the most powerful Burst Linkers in existance.

    It's even referenced in the Accel World vs Sword Art Online game.

    Kirito: There's something about you that seems familiar… all black, dual-wielding….

    Graphite Edge: Ahaha, well what a coincidence am I right? Maybe all dual wielders are like this.

    Also take note that Graphite Edge and the rest of the Accel World cast are from the future… and Graphite Edge is an Original Burst Linker (The first to play) AND he had the Vertical Square, Vorpal Blade and Starburst Stream set along with the Eclipse.

    Much more likely than Kuroyukihime right?

  5. Kasuto can not enter the world as he doesn't meet the requirement of needing to have a nural link from birth the only way he could of tested the game was if he was the creator of it

  6. This video please dont make me laugh this is wrong completely wrong basically kuroyukihimes parent is NOT a mystery well her parent / sister is the same character And that characters name is White cosmos all though she was so evil that she made Senpai fight red rider and slayed his head off White king white cosmos

  7. I see why they might have had a divorce. Kirito in the future became the next akihiko kaiba and created brain burst (I forgot the title) and then Asuna was like you're crazy and she left him. Either that or Asuna died and Kirito became crazy. (sorry for the bad grammar)

  8. could Rin Okumera be a descendant of Kirito
    evidence:Rin and Kirito both use a sword and are really good with one, they kind of look alike, share the same voice actor in english dub, and both have really strict families for exapmle Kirito's grandfather made him and suguha take classes at the local kendo dojo and Rin's father made him and Yukio do alot of religous things. My theory is that Yuri is the daughter of Kazuto and Asuna and Rin and Yukio are the grand kids of kirito and Asuna

  9. i have a theory, maybe sao & aw aren't in the same universe but still connected because similarity ( just like digimon). thats why kirito can battle silver crow using the soul translator

  10. Who would actually believe this video nonsense crap…..There are many anime that have crossover characters appearing from different animes…..They are many similarities but it doesnt mean they are related……A lot of characters love the colour "Black" doesnt mean they are related……SAO and Accel world are 2 different animes but similar in some ways…..They both utilize full dive tech system but different generations….

  11. I don't think so . the theory is wrong if she kazuto daughter why she dont mention his parents
    the things is author both animes said yui is kazuto and asuna daughter if you more to know wait until season SAO 3 came out

  12. actually there is much more to this theory, the thing is author obviously dodged saying her full name, in anime that ep she tell her real name to fat boy we don't hear it ! then her childhood friends call her Sa-chan ! can it be Sacchi ? kirito naming her daughter sacchi is a huge possibility!
    their similarity in techniques also is another, yet !
    later in novel its revealed she learn these skill from another guy, plus i can never picture kirito and asuna treating their daughter bad or divorce, so i changed my idea of this theory

  13. she's not his daughter for the 3 following reasons
    1 kuroyukihime was for all intensive purposes exiled from her family and kirito & asuna would never condone that decision

    2 the fact that she has a blade dual sword wielding avatar and similarly named moves is a carry over from sao especially in the case of her real name being sachi same as the girl from episode 2

    and 3 reki kawahara's stories both
    accel world & sao were written on a whim and he wasn't expecting success from either so neither are ment to connect beyond shared information
    bottom she's not kirito's daughter
    end of discussion

  14. consider this asuna and kirito love each other.. that I feel like even if they get married they wont get into divorce, and kuroyukihime's parents are divorced … And even if they are divorced I feel like they would have at least visited one of their children in the hospital when they got in to an accident no matter how awkward it is for the both of them just because they would love their children unconditionally, this shown in how they love Yui.. but kuroyukihime's parents did not visit her. so this disprove thhis theory

  15. 2031 is too short of a time for neuro-linkers to be fully developed, tested, and accepted to be inserted into a baby's brain stem. I don't think 2031 is a realistic time for that to been ready in the Sword Art Online universe. I do not think they are in the same universe at all, the manga was just trying to have a little filler content to give fans of both universes a nice combination of the two. Other shows do it all the time as Easter eggs.

  16. Recent storyline seems to contrast the idea that Kuro is tied to Kirito in a relationship way because its downright confirmed that White Cosmos, the arch antagonist of Accel World, is not only her older sister, but also her mother.

    This would mean the only way that Kirito created her, was by somehow having a child with a physical manifestation of Yui, which might explain why the author once said "I hope not" in regards to Kirito/Asuna being her parents.

  17. Sooooooooooooo TL;DR Kuroyukihime is their daughter because of the association with the color Black and how she KINDA resembles Asuna?
    Not gonna lie, this theory is interesting but pretty weak with the reasoning you gave behind it.

  18. This wouldn't make sense….just because they have resembleses dosent mean she's there daughter she could be in the same universe as them but related to someone else if she was there daughter we would of probably figured this out and if she was there daughter I'm not 100% sure that the creator would put them in different animes sao is still going on next year a movie is coming out and maybe later a new season

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