ANIME DUB CAN BE SO DAMN HILARIOUS! | Top 10 Things We Love About Ghost Stories (Dub)

One of the best, if not the best anime dub in the history of anime!

Ghost Stories
Gakkou no Kaidan
Intro/Outro: «Grow Up» by Hysteric Blue

Time Stamps:
00:11 — Random References
00:51 — Stupid Side Characters
02:12 — Racist Jokes
02:59 — Sluts Jokes
04:06 — 4th Wall Breaks
05:16 — Foreign Language
05:46 — Sex Jokes
08:13 — Keiichirou.mp4
09:36 — «Jesus Girl»
11:13 — Roasting Each Other


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37 Replies to “ANIME DUB CAN BE SO DAMN HILARIOUS! | Top 10 Things We Love About Ghost Stories (Dub)”

  1. Ahhh the memories of good times watching this with your buddies and laughing so hard you couldn't breathe cause ya didn't know if you were exhaling or inhaling but ya made random noises which made everyone laugh more…and joker though his gas was dangerous…

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