Anime Character goes to the Bank | HAMPTON

Reuploaed because i posted the wrong file lol but I made this because I was having trouble at the bank and i’ve been watching Yu Yu Hakusho, enjoy!

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Anime Character goes to the Bank | HAMPTON


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19 Replies to “Anime Character goes to the Bank | HAMPTON”

  1. Constructive criticism.
    Not bad. You should have simulated the shake within editing. Also, in anime the camera never moves, but always pans. You could use Adobe After Effects or Premier Pro "no motion" option stabilization and keyed the moves. That way I would have died of laughing. This time the quality was distracting. Good idea tho. Make another one twice better 🙂

    P.S. Didn't know that you don't need a license or whatever to use Naruto OSTs freely. Gonna use them then 🙂

  2. Hey y'all thanks for watching!!! Give me a sec to get back into the swing of things but yes I am very much a YouTuber now I swear lol, just been busy with IG stuff. What should my next video be about?

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