Anime Abandon: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

The day has finally come, and no stone will be left unturned. See more anime goodness at


Anthony Sardinha
Stephan Krosecz
Gavin Greene

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  1. Happy to be on this weird ride with ya sage, you've managed to be one of the brighter parts of my day over and over again for years. Can't overstate how nice it's been for me as a viewer.

  2. Well thanks a lot, oversensitive muslims……….
    You killed a studio that cared over a mistake.
    They should have stood their ground, if a bible would have been used ,or a torra, nobody would have bat an eye.
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  3. One of my biggest problems with the OVA is the voice acting, especially DIO. DIO in Japanese has by far the most flat, monotone voice that puts me to sleep. The Japanese dub is so boring, and the English dub Is passible but better than the Japanese dub. Thank god David Productions' Stardust Crusader has better acting, both Japanese and English.

  4. Love your channel. Been following you for several years now. But I have a hard time setting aside a block of time this long to watch your video. Maybe try breaking it up into parts next time?

  5. Holly crap that weigth loss! when did that happen? I mean I havent pay much attention to this channel for a while but the change is unbeliveable. You almost seem like a different person.

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