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  1. I loved the menu easter eggs. "If Spot leaves a spot where he not ought, if you can't beat'em eat'em!" Retro red posted some on YouTube.


  2. Tried watching it. Excel is a horrendous, grating, non-stop assault on the ears. The other funny moments in it are NOT worth putting up with her. The only way I found to watch it was to have the mute button ready whenever Excel went on one of her rants. The show gets a thumbs down from me, but hey, humor is always highly subjective, so I can see why you'd get a kick out of it.

  3. I don't know, I really don't get all the praise this anime gets, like it's the gold standard of comedy or something. It's just weird. I watched the first 5 episodes, and nothing really connected to me. The heroine was too manic and annoying, half the references flew right over my head, and I felt like the whole thing was just one big inside joke between a certain group of people who've seen all these exclusive Japanese things they're joking about. It's just really not my thing. I've seen funnier anime out there that didn't try so hard to pull it off. Excel Saga is just so random and in-your-face obnoxious that I couldn't be bothered to watch the whole series. And if I'm not hooked after 5 episodes, it doesn't deserve any more of my attention.

  4. Bennet, I came across the channel again by happenstance, and WOW did you slim down. I had to jump back to the Angel Blade (ft. Suave) just to confirm, and for as much as I like Excel Saga, the sudden jump is distracting. Well done!

  5. As much as I enjoyed this anime, even as a child I found it tiresome. Yes, tiresome. There was WAY too much energy in there for me. I laughed, absolutely. But, especially when binge watching, I ended up exhausted and just incapable of continuing.

    An interesting anime, tho. Really embraces absurdity.

  6. My story was very much the same, but my blockbuster only had volume 2. I then set out to find every other volume at any best buy, Hastings, and random back alley I could find. Never got volume 3.

  7. If you want to support the show watch it on crunchy roll, if however they have some trivial ass region/IP block then well… Let's just say this is one of the easier to find animes online…

  8. Are there any anime from like… the Toonami era that he hasn't reviewed, yet? (I know he has some kind of rule about what anime he reviews, that has something to do with their release dates or something but, I'm not anymore familiar with it than that, eh.)

    I really wish he'd review the anime movie "Kakurenbo" this movie just randomly appeared one Friday night on Toonami at like 2am or something and then proceeded to both scare the crap outa me AND gave me nightmares for DAYS. I swear, I kept waking up thinking I was bound into one of the battery-pods like all the victims from the movie.

    I can't remember if I saw the movie before, after, or nearly the same time as the matrix movies that showed the same premise of "Using ppl as batteries." type of motif, Ya'know? Anyway, anyone else remember this movie and have any opinions on it?

  9. I ended up liking the manga more than the anime. It was more slice of life with some science fiction elements, and it had a lot great characters that never made it to the anime.

  10. Oh yeah, I used to rent from the local blockbuster way back. A few years ago, I found the entire series was actually at my local library and it held up rather nicely. Yes, my local library.

  11. My favorite comedy skit is Excel daydreaming about her and Lord Il Palazzo in a stylized meadow. I actually forget what all happens, but it nearly makes me hyperventilate in laughter!

  12. I saw this when it was relevant and uh… it was different, but I didn't like it all that much, even then and I liked Family Guy at that time. It makes me so tired. I think it was a little too fast, personally. Which is why I think I liked when the dog got away and had moments. It didn't speak, so I got a tiny bit of breathing room.


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