An Extremely Inappropriate, Extremely Australian Dramatic Reading.

What has my life come to…?

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36 Replies to “An Extremely Inappropriate, Extremely Australian Dramatic Reading.”

  1. I'm glad there was a warning. I thought it would be ok to listen. Not watch but listen to it while driving. I was wrong WROOOOOONG. I was laughing so hard. I nearly hit a raccoon. Not my finest moment….. Fuck me.

  2. Translation for Australian slang (Some Aussie had to, might as well be me)

    Joey: fuck me, Kasumi's so hot.
    Michael: "Kyo-kun breakfast is ready, you lazy boy"(???)
    Joey: After my mum died a few years ago, my dad started dating this Kasumi chick so that makes her my stepmum.
    Only problem is my dad died less then a year later too. I havent got another brothers or anything.. so..
    Joey: "yeah yeah, calm down ill come get it." Now we're living together. "Right lets eat."
    Michael: "Yeah lets"
    Michael: "Do you like it?"
    Joey: "its okay i guess."
    Joey: Well shes so hot, any guy whose not gay would want to fuck her.
    Michael: "I made a lot again, you'd better be hungry."
    Joey: Have a look at those huge fucking tits.
    Michael: "Oh no Kyo-Kun you're bleeding!"
    Joey: "Yeah let me go clean it up"
    Joey: ugh happens every fucking time. now im going to be late. Fuck.
    Joey: Wheres that fucking rag gone? Wait these are Kasumi's panties!

    Michael: One way or another, i end up busting a nut over her on a daily basis.
    Joey: "Teacher im going to the bathroom."
    Michael: "Its not recess yet you little shit."
    Sign: Boys bathroom
    Joey: Phew, i ended up stealing these, fuck me.. these cant be normal right?..
    Joey: You'd only want to wear these if you were looking for sex..! Kasumi-san, wearing this stuff!
    Micheal: Kyo-Kun if you wanted to jack off to my panties all you had to do was ask
    Joey: Kasumi-san!~
    Michael: Typical Kyo-Kun, such a pervert
    Joey: You like that huh? Kasumi-san!
    Michael: Have sex with me.
    Joey: Fuuucck me Kasumi-san! Fuccccckk
    Joey: schools finally over, as soon as the bell goes im out of here.
    Joey: anything to spend more time with Kasumi
    Joey: i'm home! what the hell? Kasumi is'nt here. Might be at the shops, fair enough.
    Joey: Huh! I could actually take a look at the rest of her panties.
    Joey: No i shouldn't though.. Imagine if she came home and caught me wanking to her panties.
    Joey: Fuck me though.. Id only need to look — not like id forget it after that, Right then why not.
    Joey: Alright, well im in here now, never done this before. Its like the fucking promise land. That smell. Right where are her draws. mm.. gotta be in here, lets see. Gottcha!
    Michael: Are you okay there?
    Joey: K-k-kasumi-san…!? Where'd you come from?
    Michael: i was cleaning my closet you idiot. More importantly, what the fuck are you in my room? Do you want to get bashed, cunt?
    Joey: im sorry!! im sorry! E-er, Its uh… this is.. I got this stupid school project yeah? I have to write a paper on girls panties, so i was researching it
    Michael: Kyo-kun, thats a lie you cheeky boy. Panties? research? you sound gay.
    Joey: ahaha.. Shit, shes right!
    Michael: I bet 5 dollars you were going to take my panties. And jack off to them werent you?
    Joey: uh
    Michael: Not going to defend yourself? that was meant to be a joke.
    Joey: are you kidding?
    Michael: Hm fuck it. why not. Enough said, i guess youre about that age huh? Come here <3
    Joey: Im really sorry Kasumi-san
    Michael: Dont worry, im pretty sure mums are supposed to do this sort of thing anyway.
    Joey: what the fuck, oh man shes using her tongue and everything! I feel like im going to pass out.
    Joey: Kasumi-san was that a kiss huh?
    Michael: what else would it be? now you know what to do when youre with a girl.
    Michael: You're pretty cute though, so i kind of went for full on tongue kiss.
    Joey: With a girl? As if i'd get with some random girl that isnt you Kasumi-san.
    Joey: You're an amazing girl Kasumi-san..! Even living with you hasnt changed how i feel(??)
    Michael: Kyo-kun..Fuck me. After all that thinking i did.. about how to be a good mum for you..
    Michael: you come and tell me you want to fuck me.
    Joey: bad, i guess.
    Michael: Ahem.. Youre one cheeky boy Kyo-kun! Cute but cheeky.
    Joey: What are you talking about?
    Michael: And if youre going to stay here like this. who knows, youre not going to be doing anything other then jacking off anyway.Typical of you though isnt it.
    Michael: Im pretty sure i wont be able to control myself after this.
    Joey: Hey, Kasumi-san
    Michael: How about,.. I give you a blowjob hm?
    Joey: Huh? A blowjob?
    Michael: Oh god yes, come sit. (I think thats what it means)
    Joey: What the hell are you!..
    Michael: hah, Kyo-kun you're boner is so big.
    Joey: Ahh what the actual fuck!? Heyy Kasumi! Stop that! Aha ahhh!~ You're sucking my dick.
    Michael: God you're jail bait (I think)
    Joey: Feels okay inside fuccck, im going to c*m in Kasumi's pussy
    Joey: Kasumi-san
    Michael: Fuccck!
    Joey: Kasumi-san! I can see her boobs and panties.
    Michael: Jesus,.. Slow down. Keep slapping me around like that and I might c*m.
    Joey: hahh Im not holding back after head like that.
    Michael: Fuck, do it. You've got this old cougar all turned on.
    Joey: Hey! you arent a cougar and id still be getting with you if you were, so.
    Michael: Aww thanks baby (I assume this is supposed to be a pet name here) Come on Kyo-kun, c*m in my pussy
    Joey: Ah take this Kasumi! Ahh her pussy is hotter then (Okay theirs literally no translation for this one)

    Okay i cant translate the rest of that shit. I cant think of a way to translate the last few lines. maybe another aussie can do the rest from here~

  3. I remember this manga, was funny as hell. The hentai was pretty soft or vanilla incest or "incest", but great nonetheless.
    I`m not Australian, but i understood most of what it said and what they meant. I also read it more for the Australian text than the hentai, i think i still have it somewhere in my folder.

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