[AMV] Sword Art Online — Other Side of the Screen

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►Video Information
— Sword Art Online
— Sword Art Online II

Song: Other Side of the Screen by Emily Scholz
Requestor: Awkward Bitch

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23 Replies to “[AMV] Sword Art Online — Other Side of the Screen”

  1. After Helium, could you do an AMV with the song Wild Things by Alessia Cara ? I don't really care what anime, cause no matter what I know it's gonna be good because of your amazing talent : ) Thanks

  2. This was awesome!! I just got into SAO but I'm on the season two but its really good so far!! I loved this amv SOO much. And I'm sorry that I haven't really been watching you videos a lot I just had SOOOOOOOOO much stuff to do. Also school. So I wanted to say sorry to you ASH.

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