A Spring Wedding! | Anime FMK Spring 2018 Anime Season 7/4/2018

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Comic Girls — 1:41
Wotakoi — 4:39
Space Battleship Tiramisu — 14:36
Gegege No Kitaro — 21:41
Lupin III Part V — 25:01
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online — 28:54
Hinamatsuri — 35:05
Yotsuiro Biyori — 45:35
Aggretsuko — 49:08
Hisone To Masotan — 54:25
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These — 1:00:36
Golden Kamuy — 1:15:08
Megalo Box — 1:21:59

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36 Replies to “A Spring Wedding! | Anime FMK Spring 2018 Anime Season 7/4/2018”

  1. Tyler is a Dethklok fan. And here I thought my respect for our Shadowking couldn't go any higher. Plus he married Aggretsuko, so that man is metal as lobster.

  2. You know, Mother's Basement made a long video about why Wotakoi is an amazing and realistic show with great writing and deep characters. As someone who hasn't seen a single episode, who's right between him and Kirran?

  3. I mean I do like Darling in the Franxx, but it does have a lot of flaws.

    Also the past two episodes really make it seem like they were rushing to the end. Finale is this weekend, so hopefully it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

  4. Hisone To Masotan is definitely worth continuing to watch. I haven't seen the last episode, but up till there, it was really good, and surprisingly good on the characterization.

  5. So did Yuri adopt Sachio or what? They were just at the beach together with the dog alone, so that kind of confused me. I mean hats what it seemed like to me but I feel like they would have mentioned it.

  6. (In reference to subtitle errors) "It's almost like they're cranking them out for our insatiable appetite"

    Meanwhile in Erased…


  7. I think the worst thing about SAOA:GGO was the ending by far.

    "Oh don't worry, I can solve all your clearly terrible mental health issues in a single fucking sentence!"

    That was fucking retarded. Genuinely would have made more sense for Pitohui to try and kill LLENN when they met up because she died, and I don't even want to see that.

  8. Wish I liked Hinamatsuri more. I thought it started strong, but by the half-way point, I was getting bored. It sorta settled into kind of this slice of life type of deal, but I didn't feel like it ever got to the same level as it did before, even if there were still moments of good comedy and timing throughout.

  9. On the subject of the Death bait-and-switch in Megalobox, I'd like to posit that what actually was in danger of dying was the dreams of the characters. Every major player had something they dreamt of on the line of every time Joe stepped into the ring. And I mean, if you accomplish everything you set out to do and you're satisfied with the outcome, doesn't it mean your dream, in the best possible way, is dead?

    And everyone got their happy ending! Their dreams died on their terms, and now life goes on, as the characters are left with whatever follows that. Idk, that's how I interpreted the idea anyway

  10. Honestly darling in the FRANXX did not get that better after the first half of the series, and I did kind of enjoyed a little bit of the first of the second half, but the rest I had to power through. But Megalobox was amazing

  11. I would have Married Aggretsuko too. It's such a charming show, and I found it easy to relate to these characters when I've had to endure some stressful work days myself.

  12. I do respect you guys. And I'm aware that a lot of us who watch anime have our own thoughts and opinions and not everybody mindlessly agrees with whatever their friends say, so I can understand how you aren't always really interested in a show that others think is good. For me, SAO Alt GGO was more directed towards the audiences that saw the original, and honestly thought it was bad. Which is why there were a few lines that were kind of on point or shots fired moments at the original series. No, it's not perfect. Obviously. Standalone, it's not a show I'd recommend. As a comparison piece to the genuine article, this is more of a review and correct series. What to keep, what to change, what to leave out. The idea for a vrmmofps, keep. The antagonist was a survivor of sao? Change to a character who was a total fangirl for sao. The inconsistency of the original plot? Leave out. Keep, change, and leave out. Then write in some interesting ideas or plot points. So no, by no means is it perfect, it's got its flaws and dull/bs moments, but hey, I'll take a talking gun, a colorful group of people both relevant and irrelevant to the story, an idol fanboy and a death game fangirl over a show that incorporated sexual assault, a gamer that's "the second coming of jesus", a harem of girls only there for the main character's dick, everyone being an asshole except anyone who's the main parts of the story, and pointless fanservice into the mix.

  13. they missed out of the most of what i think are "good?" anime this season or ones that I a was not interested in.
    i like Tada Never Falls in as a romace anime
    and i liked gundam build drivers as a vr mmorpg anime

    p.s. also props to Layton Mystery Tanteisha for being an awesome UNLICENSED anime that most people missed because of it being well…. unlicensed

  14. Aggretsuko was okay enough. The whole "METAL!" thing is little more than a gimmick, it had okay drama but in the end it never felt like it needed to exist in the format it did. It could've been a regular anime or even a live action show.

  15. Am I the only one who never likes the popular shows the guys seem to absolutely adore? I found mmo junkie cringey, APFTTU really boring and hinamatsuri too mean spirited to enjoy. I’m not blaming them or being salty, just expressing my opinion. I also don’t like slice of life all that much, and all of those shows have elements of that.

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