9 Anime Cliches that are Secretly Awesome

All our favorite anime series are filled with cliches. From Dragonball Z to Bleach, from One Piece to Gurren Lagaan. Even Kill la Kill is bubbling over with tropes. But some of these tropes are actually awesome! Our resident anime expert Jared is here to tell you why your favorite weeaboo bait is actually otaku gold. These shounen series filled with ultimate attacks may get a lot of flak, but they are actually awesome!

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44 Replies to “9 Anime Cliches that are Secretly Awesome”

  1. I kinda hate power leveles, because, let's face it, they never actually mean anything, since our hero can become stronger at any minute just trough his sheer determination. Power levels just make it seem like each villain is just the previous villain multiplied by 4 or something. So if I have a smaller power level I have no chance of beating my enemy? Since when are fight math? That's just taking any feel of wonder from the world by making it all about the biggest power level. I hate it!

  2. Also, let's not pretend that the whole incest/pseudo incest fantasy trope purely a Japanese trope. Offhand I can think of a bunch of different hit shows and movies here in the west that tow that line and cross it, in a positive, negative light, and many variations in between. Hell, it's one of the biggest search results in porn sites (right next to teen and lesbian and amateur of course).

  3. I just once would LOVE to see a the smoke clears scene in which it all clears and the villain is laying there in the fetal position all f—ked up after like a ten episode build-up, lol.

  4. I was wondering why I only get two of those tropes until I realised most of this is based off Dragon ball and its cavalcade of generic clones. This is like only playing Call of duty and it's copy cats and assuming all video games share their lazy tropes.
    How about investigating and discussing these tropes rather than parading it as click bait and helping to promote the xenophobia and ignorance that makes the world an awful place to live? Guess you're already getting your views so, who cares.
    On a positive note I love the puppet, I wish more youtubers used puppets. They already treat us like children, might as well have a sense of humor about it.

  5. Does he only watch action anime? I mean, i'm not going to attack a fictional character based on what type of chinese cartoons he likes the most, but there's just so many cliches in other genres that this video feels incomplete…

  6. How could you forget about the the most awesome anime cliche? The super drawn out transformation.ex 1 its like oh shit, this guy is really strong, better transform into my insanely badass new form which some how always manages to beat the bad guys. Ex 2 hell yeah! We just beat the final bad guy! Wait what's this? He/ she is transforming into their bigger, stronger, and more badass final form! Omg plot twist. Also why the hell do you think incest is funny creepy puppet man? That's f@$ked up.

  7. There are some more cliches(not all of them are awesome,but I'll still name them),like:
    "Fighter shouting the name of it's iconic attack"
    "Villian and protagonist who have tons of transformation levels"
    "Time slows down so a fighter can think about the opponent's moves/opponent itself"
    "The protagonist/major character gains insane power boost if his/her friend is hurt/killed by his opponent"
    "Fillers about the past of characters"
    "As soon as the protagonist/major character is about to get killed by a villian,he/she remembers what his/her friends said(or a filler kicks in),starts talking about friendship/some other inspirational bullsh*t,and gains insane power boost to kill his/her opponent"
    "The protagonist is the strongest character because he's a protagonist"
    "A girl with big boobs MUSH be quite childish/idiotic and mush have high pitched voice"
    "As soon as the protagonist/major character is about to get killed,his/her friend will appear from nowhere to save the day (AKA Deus-ex-machina)"
    "Flashstep(when the fighters move so fast they can barely be seen)"
    "Anime time and actual time aren't same(for example,when Freeza said that Namek will explode in 5 monutes,it actually took 13 episodes"
    "If there's a female character that is extremely powerful,she must be overly sexualised as f*ck"

    That's all I could think of right now.Please reply to this comment if you know any other anime cliche 🙂

  8. Some good choices and it's nice to see the puppet guy be positive….But you REALLY, REALLY, should have cut number 8. We don't need that stuff and it has yet to improve any series that includes it. In my opinion.

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