5 Most Disturbing Things To Happen In Anime

5 Most Disturbing Things To Happen In Anime

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34 Replies to “5 Most Disturbing Things To Happen In Anime”

  1. Dude u got Fullmetal Alchemist ALL WRONG. For one Nina and the Elric brothers are in no way RELATED. For two Dr. Tucker is in NO WAY their dad let alone related. If your gonna mention a show or series at least get the story line correct.

  2. I agree with the list you got! Sad to say the stories are a little off- I won’t give out the real details, I won’t spoil anything but all the anime’s have more complicated stories.

  3. And the Hellsing part is where you're wrong my friend:
    Seras' actions have never provoked hate of any kind in Sir Integra (and even if they would: a — don't belive that the humane, nobel and mature as Integra is would be willing to go that far and b — She doesn't even have the power to controle illusions required for the dirty work). Despite all Integra remains a respected friend and master to miss Victoria…
    Now to the point; the one who caused all this terror is none other than one of the Millennium organization's leaders, The Lieutenant Zorin Blitz. It's her speciality to show the enemies hurtfull illusions, making it easier finnish them off (Doing it to Seras likely had the most satisfying feeling to it since on top of everything else she was the one who shot down her zeppelin along with most of her Nazi vampires)….
    Belive me, I've watched this anime at least at-1001-I-stopped-counting times so I might as well know a thing or two about it's plot
    I suppose that would be it ^_^

  4. The Hellsing Ultimate one is wrong XD. First off, Seras became a vampire after Alucard bit her. This happened after someone else almost killed her, so he saved her life. second, she works under and fights for Integra willingly. The two have a very good relationship. And third, the flashback she had was caused by Zorin Blitz while the two were fighting.

  5. you know you don't need to show the disturbing part from the anime in your video right ? you don't have to show it to us the scene! just describe it that's all especially the kaiji scene

  6. You got fullmetal alchemist wrong….
    He didn't have 2 sons. They were alchemists going to the guy's or Shou's estate to study with him and the little girl or Nina be-friended them. She just referred them to "big brother" and "little big brother". But then shou got his certificate in alchemy and started working more so the alchemists or edward and alphonse started playing with her more. But then nina found out that her mother really didn't abounded her family she was actually forced to be a test subject abd died. Nina tries to console her depressed father but this only made the father go back to his horrific experiments. Whlie edward and alphonse are gone he does the experiment on nina and turned her to a human chimera. And shou tries to pass her off as one of his sppech capable chimeras but edward and alphonse soon realized what really happened. Edward losses his temper but nina pleds for her father life. Tucker was arrested, but nina escapes. Soon after a alchemist killer, scar, finds nina. But scar sees that nina's future will be full of suffering so he prays for her and then kills her. Later on in the show edward and alphonse discovers this. They are hunted of seeing nina in such a way but they remember her as a sweet innocent girl

  7. And all the sick messed up stuff that happens in those anime/ Manga are things that occur on a daily bases as long as japan and the other asian nations have excited. other than advances in technology and architecture. People haven't changes at all since the last dark age when recording history wasn't as important as just surviving.

  8. I think the most disturbing thing in my opinion is the anime (I forgot the name) where a man finds out his wife is a vampire and he tortures her for hours

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