10 Anime Movies and Series Recommended After Watching Your Name | Kimi No Na Wa | 君の名は。

After watching Your Name, a lot of people new to Anime have been asking for recommendations. Here are 10 Anime that are similar to Kimi No Na Wa, or Anime I think you will enjoy.
1. 5 Centimeters Per Second 0:00:19
2. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 0:01:06
3. Kokoko Connect 0:01:41
4. The Garden of Words 0:02:14
5. Steins;Gate 0:03:02
6. The Place Promised In Our Early Days 0:04:33
7. Voices of A Distant Star 0:05:18
8. Clannad & After Story 0:06:05
9. Your Lie In April 0:07:00
10. Wolf Children 0:07:40

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48 Replies to “10 Anime Movies and Series Recommended After Watching Your Name | Kimi No Na Wa | 君の名は。”

  1. The art in 5 cm per second was amazing but watch it at your own risk. I wont tell you why for i dont want to spoil. Hopefully you wont end up feeling how i felt after watching the movie. Your sort of welcome! :>

  2. "A silent voice' will chew your heart up and then spit it out more whole. Definitely suggest if you want to feel like a puddle. The animation is gorgeous and the story is really well developed

  3. 5 centimeters per second just made me bawl my eyes out. At the time that was the saddest movie i every watched, it resonated with me cause i was going through something similar. I had felt that that movie was telling the story of my life. A song/book/show/movie hits harder when your going through similar things to this day i don't have the courage to rewatch it but it is one of my favorites.

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