「AMV」Anime Mix- Left inside

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Amv made by:Joe
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Song:Bridge To Grace — Left Inside
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Programs used:
Adobe After Effects / Sony Vegas Pro

Pic Link: https://www.deviantart.com/kawacy/art/Let-Us-Inside-642486073

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24 Replies to “「AMV」Anime Mix- Left inside”

  1. Love it man, this is done superb, and the timing was on point as can be. I only have a smidge bit of advise, it’s a tad overwhelming. I understand it’s an AMV mix, and again, mixing was done to a T. It’s just a little bit of everything mashed in to one, for the wow factor it’s great, but for building of the lyrics is less of the point, which I understand, it looks super cool. I’d just say try to splash a bit less, and be a bit more repetition in the mix as in choice of anime, so as when moments when the song calls for it, that your able to explain it through action of character, ya get me? My two sense, super awesome AMV overall my dude.

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